M & L Custom Works LLC

Coffered Ceiling

Custom fitted gate​

Cypress Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Two Pour Resin Bar Top

A client brought this to us built and ready for finish.  We did two pours of resin and sealed it up with a beautiful mirror like finish.

Deck Replacement

Retired Optimist Sailboat Turned Entertainment Center

This retired old pram was decidedly beyond repair.  The owner, being a sailor and enjoying a nautical decor in his home, asked what we could do to turn it into a simple entertainment center.  This is what we came up with.

Garden Cart

Designed and Built by M & L Custom Works.  This project is 98% done and is just waiting on some decorative pieces and wheels.  Perfect for the avid gardener with little space or little area of sunlight for starting and or maintaining plants!

Automotive Clear Coat Repair

Along the edges of the roof while removing existing decals for new decal work, some clear coat peeled off with the decal, in a short period of time the car was taped off and re-cleared.  Just one more thing we can do for you here at M & L Custom Works!

  We are always updating with new stuff!